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CCHIT, IHE, CORE, PQRI – these healthcare IT market acronyms describe interoperability standards, communication protocols and industry associations that Extormity is incapable of understanding, much less adhering to or participating in. Deciphering these acronyms and keeping score of which standard does what is a full-time job – one for which we don’t have an FTE allocation.

At a recent management retreat in the Cayman Islands, we decided that achieving vendor certification was just too hard. Since we lacked the organizational will to go through a rigorous certification process, we simplified the entire mess by funding the development of a new, completely independent association known as SEEDIE – the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR’s. We created standards that we knew we could promote and adhere to, and we are now fully SEEDIE certified. Several other colossal, slow and unresponsive EHR companies have joined SEEDIE, giving medical practices, hospitals and clinics a number of costly and combative EHR vendors to choose from.

Click here for more on SEEDIE.

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