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Extormity, a name created for several hundred thousand dollars by a West Coast brand identity firm, is a combination of the Latin root words conformare (to fashion of the same form) and extorquere (to wrench out). This powerful and memorable moniker reflects the Extormity mission – to squeeze as much revenue as possible from healthcare providers who pay us handsomely for a proprietary software product that we replicate in a nearly identical form and fashion at each engagement. This maximizes shareholder value, so we encourage the people who select our systems to buy our stock – therefore realizing a return on their investment. Some call this approach duplicitous, we call it a new paradigm.

Executive Team

Brantley Whittington/CEO

“My sole focus is on maximizing shareholder value, period…oh, and improving patient care, too.”

Whittington, a former Wall Street hedge fund manager, has a keen interest in EHR technology that dates back to a 2004 analyst report projecting exponential growth in the healthcare IT sector. Whittington provides leadership and vision, balancing perceived customer needs with the very real demands of Extormity investors.

Samantha James/CFO

“No longer is creativity solely in the purview of the marketing and advertising departments – it must be an accounting core competency.”

James, a veteran of the dot-com bust and the energy sector accounting scandals, brings a varied financial skill set that includes architecting shell companies, backdating stock options and plea bargaining. In addition to preparing financial statements, James contributes the optimistic annual report language that obscures financial improprieties.

Dr. Sonny Bartram/CMO

“I may have graduated last in my class at the Medical School at Universidad de Guatemala, but the parchment still says MD.”

Bartram, a retired GP, has authored and submitted a number of articles to peer reviewed publications on the financial consequences of serial malpractice suits in a general practice setting. Bartram’s recollections of practicing medicine bring a real world perspective to Extormity products and services.

Oliver Brindle/CTO

“Live long and prosper.”

Brindle, a surviving veteran of the vacuum tube and punch card era, is a leading expert in the Fortran programming language. In addition to writing proprietary code and maintaining Extormity’s complex operating architecture, Brindle is responsible for deciphering confusing industry acronyms including HL7, CCR and CCHIT.

Tommy Spencer/EVP of Sales

“We look for closers – salespeople that can close deals, and customers that we can close.”

Spencer is a business development phenomenon who has successfully sold everything from gently used luxury automobiles to nude celebs golf equipment. After growing the South American region for a major distributor of reconditioned flexible catheters, “Spence” has taken the bizdev reins at Extormity to build a hard charging sales force with an intense focus on securing business at all costs.

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